Why You Should Join #ExerciseLeadershipToday 30-Day Challenge

I am on the Board for the Greater Cincinnati Association of Talent Development and we recently had a Corporate Learning Event featuring a panel of CLOs (Chief Learning Officers) from organizations around the city. During the discussion they shared their thoughts on leadership in the conceptual age, as well as strategies they had implemented to develop talent within their organizations. During that discussion, one of the panelists shared how their organization promoted “leadership at every level.”

Leadership at Every Level

This concept of “leadership at every level” really resonated with me because leadership is not about a title. You can have a title and not be a leader. You can also be a leader and not have a title. Leadership is simply measured by your ability to influence the actions of other people. It’s that simple and I strongly believe you have the opportunity to exercise leadership in your personal and professional roles that can have a positive influence on others!

There’s personal leadership that occurs within a family unit. A mother or father could be considered a leader. One of the children might be considered a leader as they exercise positive influence over their other siblings.

There’s leadership that occurs within the community, at churches, or other civic organizations. Whether you are the head of the Rotary Club, an Usher in your local congregation, or a volunteer fireman, you are a leader.

And then, of course, there are leaders of organizations … some of which exercise great leadership and others (78% to be exact) exercise poor leadership.

What Could Happen If …

As I continued to explore this idea of “leaders at every level” I began to think about what would happen … what could happen … if every leader at every level began to “exercise leadership?” And not just “exercise leadership” … but “exercise leadership today!”

What positive change would come about if 10,000 leaders committed to exercise leadership every day for 30 days?

What would happen in our families if the leaders began to “Exercise Leadership Today?” What would happen in our communities if our leaders were committed to “Exercise Leadership Today?” What would happen in our organizations if our leaders were motivated to “exercise leadership today?”

As a result of all of this thinking, meditating, praying, and brainstorming, I came up with one of my most exciting ideas ever – a 30-day leadership program called the … #ExerciseLeadershipToday 30-Day Challenge.

The #ExerciseLeadershipToday 30-Day Challenge is a FREE 30-day leadership program designed to guide, direct, motivate, and inspire you to exercise leadership on a daily basis for 30 days. Each day you will receive:

  • a leadership quote
  • a short (micro) lesson explaining a specific leadership competency and
  • a compelling challenge designed to help you take meaningful action

It’s simple.

Think about it. As you make an investment in your personal and professional development … as you engage in developing your skills in a compact, consistent, and compelling manner … your influence and effectiveness as a leader will go from ordinary to extraordinary … in just 30 days!

By participating in the 30-day challenge you will:

  • redefine how you think about leadership
  • develop new skills that will have a significant impact on your relationships with others
  • develop new skills that will have a positive impact on the performance of others
  • increase your influence and effectiveness as a leader
  • improve others’ perceptions of you
  • build trust with others
  • feel more confident as a leader
  • take meaningful action which is the most significant thing you can do to transform your family, your community, and your organization

#ExerciseLeadershipToday 30-Day Challenge is FREE and will help improve the influence and leadership effectiveness of leaders at every level! Don’t delay!

#ExerciseLeadershipToday 30-Day Challenge — ACCEPT THE CHALLENGE!

QUESTION: What area of leadership would you like to work on during the challenge? Leave your comments below. We’d love to know!



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