Building Strong Leaders & High Performing Teams

Building Strong Leaders & High Performing Teams

Why Use a Strengths Approach to Development?

StrengthsBuilders LLC provides tailored solutions to help organizations unlock their full potential through effective leadership, team and workforce development. Whether you’re looking to create a standard of leadership excellence within your organization, equip leaders and teams with the skills to develop high-performing teams, or develop a highly-engaged workforce that delivers excellence to your customers, we’re here to support you on that journey!

How StrengthsBuilders Can Help

Why Invest in Leadership and Team Development

  1. Strong leadership drives organizational success!

  2. Effective Leaders who inspire, motivate, and guide their teams foster a culture of excellence and team performance.

  3. High-performing teams are the driving force behind innovation and productivity.

  4. Change is inevitable and effective leadership is essential for guiding organizations through periods of transition and uncertainty.

  5. Engaged employees are the lifeblood of any successful organization.

  6. Organizations that prioritize leadership and team development signal to prospective employees that they are committed to investing in their growth and success.

  7. Leadership and team development initiatives play a crucial role in shaping organizational culture.

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About Valerie Plis

Valerie Plis has over 25 years in Organizational Development specializing in Leadership, Team, Talent Development and Executive Coaching. She is a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach and Gallup Q12 Engagement Champion. She is a Certified Social & Emotional Intelligence Coach with the Institute of Social & Emotional Intelligence. StrengthsBuilders is an Authorized Partner in Everything DiSC and Five Behaviors with Wiley and Valerie is a Certified Five Behaviors Practitioner.


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Unlock Your Leadership Potential with these
Top 10 Must-Have Resources

Unlock Your Leadership Potential with these Top 10 Must-Have Resources

Great leaders never stop learning. Dive into our FREE guide of must-have resources to develop and engage your leadership strengths.

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