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Becoming More Self-Aware

2019-09-03T08:47:11-04:00Leadership Development, Personal Development, Team Development|

Self-awareness is the first component of Emotional Intelligence and is truly the foundation to great leadership. The irony is, when asked, most leaders report they are “highly self-aware,” yet, are completely surprised ....Read more

9:41 pm 9:41 pm

Are You Emotionally Intelligent?

2019-09-03T08:47:21-04:00Emotional Intelligence, Leadership Development, Personal Development, Team Development|

From my experience of working with leaders and teams, when I mention “emotional intelligence” you easily see the confused looks on their faces. Some people think it is similar to your IQ ....Read more

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What do Competitive Organizations Need — And Do You Have It?

2019-05-02T13:48:09-04:00Leadership Development, Team Development|

To survive in this environment where change is the new norm, competitive organizations need leaders who inspire and support creative thinkers and flexible problem solvers! There are problems to solve, programs to develop, and ....Read more

7:23 pm 7:23 pm

What is the #1 Thing Your Team Wants to Know?

2019-04-26T14:38:10-04:00Leadership Development, Personal Development, Team Development|

Leaders always seem to be searching for the magic solution that will transform an otherwise good team into a great team. Perhaps the answer is better collaboration, improved engagement, or more autonomy. ....Read more

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Why You Should Join #ExerciseLeadershipToday 30-Day Challenge

2019-04-26T15:02:34-04:00Leadership Development, Personal Development, Team Development|

I am on the Board for the Greater Cincinnati Association of Talent Development and we recently had a Corporate Learning Event featuring a panel of CLOs (Chief Learning Officers) from organizations around ....Read more

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3 Ways to Build Trust with Your Team in the Next Hour!

2019-05-02T14:01:47-04:00Leadership Development, Team Development|

Today I had the awesome privilege of sitting under the teaching of Curt Liesveld, Advanced Learning & Development Consultant at Gallup and co-auther of Living Your Strengths.  In our session Curt reminded ....Read more

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Powerful Possibilities When You Do ‘Something’

2019-05-02T14:04:09-04:00Leadership Development, Personal Development, Team Development|

Several months ago at a training event a manager at my table was complaining about her team. She said they were “high-maintenance” and they drained so much energy from her that she ....Read more

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5 Leadership Strategies You Should STOP … Now!

2019-05-02T14:07:52-04:00Emotional Intelligence, Leadership Development, Personal Development, Strengths Development, Team Development|

At the beginning of every leadership development seminar or workshop, I always ask the participants to share with me their greatest challenge. This helps me to customize the content and deliver information ....Read more