We’ve all seen good leaders and bad leaders. The bad leaders teach us valuable lessons of what not to do, while good leaders inspire us to become better people.

But there are times when leaders are bad and they don’t even know it!

Welcome to the #ExerciseLeadershipToday 7-Day Challenge!

The point of the #ExerciseLeadershipToday 7-Day Challenge is not to teach you new “skills,” but rather to increase your self-awareness — or in corporate speak we call that “Emotional Intelligence.”

During this #ExerciseLeadershipToday 7-Day Challenge you will increase your self-awareness that will equip you to make better choices as a leader and, therefore, pursue better results. Most times we get the results we should get because of our own behavior! And I want to help you stop this silly cycle that is negatively affecting your leadership!

The #ExerciseLeadershipToday 7-Day Challenge is designed to gently nudge you outside your comfort zone as a leader. As you “exercise” a new way of thinking and doing things, you will expand and elevate your self-awareness, confidence, and influence as a leader!

Here’s what you can expect each day:

1. a micro, quick-action lesson
2. a compelling coaching challenge designed to help you take meaningful action immediately
3. additional learning resources to help you take a deeper dive into a specific topic

We will also send you a friendly email reminder each morning, just in case you forget to log into your StrengthsBuilders account.

Think about it! Within 7 days you can increase your confidence, learn new strategies to deal with challenging situations, and increase your influence as a leader! What are you waiting on?

Ready to Accept the Challenge?