The Solution to Your Team’s Performance

What’s holding your team back?

Ineffective communication … lack of trust … misunderstandings … frustration … mismatched work assignments … poor morale … and more. All of these common problems reduce engagement and make it difficult (if not impossible) for organizations to reach their goals.

In the most successful organizations, engagement is a strategic foundation for performance management. Our strengths-based approach to team development brings out the best in people. Not only does it greatly increase engagement, it also opens doors to untapped potential, helps teams achieve goals faster and has been proven to have a significant positive impact on business. When teams learn how to intentionally leverage the group’s individual and combined talents and strengths to achieve performance objectives, they gain a process they can use time and time again to reach their goals.

“If you focus on people’s weaknesses, they lose confidence. At a very basic level, it is hard for us to build self-confidence when we are focused on our weaknesses instead of our strengths.” – Tom Rath, Author of Strengths-Based Leadership

Create Positive Change Throughout Your Organization

Customized based on your organization’s core objectives, StrengthsBUILDERS’ workshops are fun, engaging, affirming and extremely effective. Your team will get practical insights, skills and tools that they can put into use immediately to be more effective, efficient and productive; you’ll get more engaged employees, and a stronger bottom line. Our core team-building offerings include a series of 3-hour workshops customized to meet the leader’s critical objectives:

  • Start with Talent; Finish with Strength –Introduces the team to strengths-based development and helps each team member understand their strengths profile.
  • The Power of Strengths-Based Partnerships –Helps each team member understand their unique strengths within the context of others on the team and learn how to create powerful partnerships that allow them to accomplish more together than they could separately.
  • The DNA of the Team –Helps the team gain awareness and appreciation of the team’s collective talents and answers the question, “what makes a great team?”
  • The Best of Us –Helps team members begin to harness their individual and collective talents and intentionally bring these talents to life every day.

Pre- and post-workshop activities are used to help jump start the learning before the event and continue the collaboration and development of strengths within the team even after the workshop is over.

Additional Available Workshops

The following strengths-based topics can be customized to create a 1, 2 or 3-hour interactive workshop based on the specific needs or objectives of your team:

  • Leadership Development for New or Seasoned Leaders
  • Achieving Remarkable Individual and Team Performance
  • Improving Personal and Team Engagement
  • Diversity – Understanding my Colleague’s Unique Value Contribution
  • Becoming an Effective Communicator
  • Improving Team Collaboration & Accountability
  • Coaching as a Leadership Skill
  • Championing Change Effectively
  • Importance of Personal Branding in the 21st Century Workforce
  • Career Management & Planning