Executive Coaching

improved behavior, performance and results!

Good or Bad, Leadership is Contagious in Your Organization!
Strong leaders inspire their teams and drive positive results. Ineffective leadership causes a host of problems, including poor performance, engagement, morale and employee retention. Although many people reach leadership positions after “rising through the ranks,” the unfortunate reality is that technical expertise does not equal leadership ability. “Leadership” is measured by a person’s ability to get things done through other people. Luckily, it’s a skill that can be taught. … We all lead in very different ways, based on our talents and our limitations. Serious problems occur when we think we need to be exactly like the leaders we admire.” – Tom Rath, Author of Strengths-Based Leadership

Strengths-Based Leadership Development Gets Results
Do you need help improving the performance of a struggling manager?  Do you need a solution to help your high performers and high potentials maximize their potential (and increase the chances they’ll want to stay with your organization)? Our strengths-based leadership development accomplishes both of these goals. StrengthsBUILDERS can give your managers the knowledge and tools they need to capitalize on the strengths of the team while improving their own performance, including improved communication and productivity, stronger and more engaging relationships, and leadership effectiveness. We offer:

Strengths-Based Leadership Coaching

One-on-one executive coaching to help your leaders discover and leverage own their strengths as well as the individual and collective strengths of their team to effectively achieve business objectives. Includes…

  1. Internal assessments to determine the individual’s key strengths, values, motivators and workplace behavior. Understanding of their unique talents within the context of their role as a people leader.
  2. External assessments such as StrengthsFinders 2.0, HoganLead, and the Hogan 360° Assessment to improve self-awareness of strengths and potential barriers, develop self-management strategies, and clarify professional development opportunities.
  3. Individualized Coaching Plan designed to help the person improve their performance at work, including specific goals, measurable outcomes and strategic action.
  4. Training in using the strengths-based approach to gain an understanding and appreciation for each team member’s unique and powerful talents, as well as the team’s collective strengths, potential talent gaps and vulnerabilities.
  5. Weekly or bi-weekly coaching sessions with ongoing accountability to support and sustain change.

Managers who focus on strengths drive engagement. Simply put, strengths-based leadership coaching can be the creative force that delivers positive change throughout your organization.